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I know, I know...if I would have saved all my old surfboards I could be driving a Lexus right now. But I tended to use them, right? And I still can only ride one board at a time. Quivers tend to confuse me with the options.

What you see below is my surf trunk collection, minus only three pair, one of which will make an appearance eventually. The other, my earliest pair, were light blue canvas Hang Ten trunks from the 60's. I can see them where I left them, hanging over the door of a stall at the old restroom just south of the Ventura Pier, back when you could still drive under it, on a cold, foggy October morning. I was thinking about getting in the car and getting warm, I guess, and they got away from me. They were long gone by the time I got back.
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Sears Swimsuit
Circa 1960's
Hang Ten Surf Trunks
Circa 1971
Ocean Pacific Surf Trunks
Circa 1973
Sundek Surf Trunks
Circa 1974
Hang Ten Surf Trunks
Circa 1976
Hang Ten Surf Trunks
Circa 1977
Hobie Surf Trunks
Circa 1977
Sundek Surf Trunks
Circa 1979
Sundek Surf Trunks
Circa 1986
Katin Surf Trunks
Circa 1992
Katin Surf Trunks
Circa 1996
Honolua Surf Company Trunks
Circa 1999
Santa Cruz Surf Trunks
Circa Everyday!
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O'Neill Surf Trunks
Circa 1994