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Take a good look, because these are the original guys. Sure, there were custom trunks in Hawaii, and the Katin family was making trunks, and Birdwell trunks, but Hang Ten was the first group to truly go mass market. Robert Bruce and Jantzen paid for endorsements by Felipe Pomar and Corky Carroll, and Catalina had Mike Doyle, but they were outside companies. Hang Ten spearheaded the surfwear industry.
I bought this pair at the old Surfline Hawaii shop in the International Marketplace, Honolulu, Hawaii, summer of 1971. Dwight Weatherhead, of Cleveland and Daytona Beach, was with me. I was 16 years old, going to summer school, running around the capitol of the Pacific during the Vietnam War. Imagine just finishing your sophomore year in high school and meeting guys 2 or 3 years older than you, "celebrating" survival of their first 6 months in Vietnam. With 6 more months to go...

Surfline was a pretty hip place at the time. I could recognize some people like Bill Hamilton  when they stopped in, but these days others who worked there get mentioned in issues of The Surfer's Journal with regularity.

These trunks have seen water time all over Oahu and California. I've been told that in 2001 a lot of so-called "pros" seldom get wet in Hawaii anywhere other than the infamous 7 mile strip of the North Shore. Poking around the Oahu of 30 years ago was something between magic and privilege. Hawaii has changed, but I still have the trunks and the memories. Don't know what happened to Dwight.

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