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There is, perhaps, an element of humor in looking at the picture on this page. The Hang Ten trunks in the upper left were purchased in 1971, and the Honolua Surf Company trunks in the lower right were purchased in 1999. Allow for a bit of tilt in the photo perspective and you might think I either grew 3 feet up or 3 feet round.

Except the waist sizes range from 29 on the Hang Ten trunks to 33 on the Honolua Surf Company pair.

What you see here is Fashion, with a capital "F". All these trunks are still in good shape, too. Through the decades I either did grow out of some, or ate my way out of others. I thnk I have one pair of surf trunks which I actually wore out to the point of no repair. It was totally made of cotton, yet so are three of the trunks you see above.

Out of all the surf trunks I've owned, that makes one pair blown out. I lost another pair. I gave one pair to my brother-in-law. All the rest are serviceable to this day, and you'll see them up close, along with reading a little bit about them. They provide insight in my personal history, but they also stand to represent the history of surfing in the past three decades too.
Surf Trunk Gallery
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