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It's a little bright in the photo, and the trunks are faded, but they were beautys in their prime. I got these from the Katin shop in Surfside, California, while returning from San Clemente one summer. They are small, fairly retro for the period - most like the old Hobie trunks I got in 1977. Good for under wetsuits.

These were the trunks I took on my first return to Hawaii in 20 years. They did fine, but in retrospect I think I decided to go with longer trunks to move the leg seam out of annoyance range.

This was my last pair of non-nylon fabric trunks, however. I eventually got rashed by the seams. That never has happened to me with nylon or nylon blend trunks. The fabric also takes forever to dry. I don't drive old bombers these days...

First class quality.
You may notice discoloration on the wax pocket areas of many of these trunks. I'm a believer in keeping my car key with me, even in a wetsuit. Mix with sand and wax and a lot of water time, it happens. War wounds.
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