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Good trunks. Everybody had them the spring I went back to Kauai. I didn't get this pair until the following summer, when I'd finally tired of cotton trunks. I was in San Clemente on a day trip and the surf was pumping. Water felt  warmer than Honolulu, too, although the lifeguard sign read 70 degrees. I got these trunks at the BC Surf Shop, and partly because they didn't go down to my knees.

The fun part of these trunks became their feel when wet. The material is very light weight, and they dried out quick - two things which cemented their appeal after the cotton trunks I'd had in recent years. What put it all in focus for me was a comment a friend had made about his swimsuit.

He had spent about a decade as a hot tub installer and repairman in Santa Barbara County, and as such had a need for trunks for the discarded redwood tub he had and also for sea kayaking. I don't know where he got his suit, I'm thinking Kmart, but it's been too long ago to remember. We were at some BBQ, probably at the home of his cousin, and there was both a pool and beer. Somewhere during the afternoon the topic of drying swimsuits came up.

"As near as I can tell, " he said, "you can go in the water and these trunks don't even get wet!"

That about sums things up for these trunks too.
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