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By 1970 the "surf trunk" as we know it was on the scene. Both Hang Ten and Golden Breed, among others, were big sellers in the surf world. Surf trunks were the new thing then - swimsuits like the one you see here were the standard for even coastal America.

Button closure, a liner inside, and narrow leg openings - looks like some 50's Hawaiian beachboy thing. The cotton canvas was pretty soft, however, and the colors made that all-important tan stand out across the beach.
Fast forward from 1970 to Summer 2002 - it feels just about that fast for me, too - and I walk through the swimwear department in a suburban Macy's in Thousand Oaks, California. I was getting something else but stopped off to look at the displays of Quiksilver and Billabong and Hurley apparel. To my surprise I also find a rack of nice looking Brewer trunks. I read the hang tag, which extolled the surf cred of one Richard Brewer. Allright, I think - good for him to make some money. But the trunks are hot tub trunks - wouldn't make it at all in the surf. Pockets, for goodness sake.

And I realized that the surf trunk is now the department store standard.
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