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This pair of Sundek trunks was made from a colorful reversed print cotton canvas. The deep, dark colors visible in the leg openings are the actual fabric in all its glory. "The 60's" were starting to fade into "the 70's" by this time. By the time "the 80's" came along surf shop owners were excited to get in shipments of neon fabrics and then later all black trunks. I could understand the neon, although where I came from, and I suppose when I came from, the neon thing was seen as demanding attention to oneself and therefore not cool. The black trunk thing I've always assumed to be a response to the neon.

But surfing is such a colorful sport...think of the sky at sunrise or sunset, reflections upon the ocean, the sun sparkling diamonds off the water, tropical scenery above and below the water line.
These trunks came from Sunset Surfboards in Encinitas, California. I still had my first car then, a 1964 Chevy Nova station wagon. The back seat folded almost flat for sleeping and board storage, I had the family round scotch plaid ice chest, and I put my old childhood bedroom curtains up along the side windows by hooking a curtain rod into the coat hangers over both passenger doors. I was set. The car had 97,000 miles on it when my father and I found it. A friend of his was a mechanic and he found some problems. The car dealer agreed to fix them, and we agreed to fork over $500.00.

I roamed the entire Pacific Coast in that vehicle. My interest in the tropics waned in this period, and wetsuits became a year-round way of life.  Beaver-tail jackets were happening, though, and I'm pretty cold tolerant. These trunks got a lot of hard use from May until the end of October.
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