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PHOTO GUIDELINES is the "anti-mag", born outside the Orange County curtain, and we want to reflect surfing and outdoor sports as they are, not how they are marketed.

To spearhead this effort in the photo department let us tell you what our equipment is: a Pentax SLR with 2 zoom lenses and some single use cameras including waterproof ones. We use  print film - no slides at this point. For good measure we have them developed through commerical outlets like Savon drug stores.

We recently added an inexpensive, readily available digital camera. It has a fixed lens which makes action not too good, and can't take pictures into the sun or heavy glare, but otherwise has made some of the best images on the website - such as it is. Since we came online in 2001 the quality and price of digital cameras has made them affordable at a quality level quite suitable for websites, if not magazine publication just yet.

Any of the above would get you tossed out of a surf magazine on your ear or laughed out of the photographer boys club on the North Shore. It simply isn't "professional"...

It takes a tremendous amount of time, money, equipment, and skilled craftspeople to put out the glossy magazines, and that makes everything they do fairly high-stakes. Our goal is to make everythng we do fairly low expense (if labor intensive on our end). This gives us the freedom to run things like photos without perfect tropical sun and lighting.

We want to see art, not craft. We want to see fun and soul and whatever amuses you or pisses you off. Trust us - there doesn't seem to be any money in any of this for any of us, so we might as well have fun. Check out the different sections and go nuts. All subjects, ages, equipment, and conditions are fair game. Try to have some style and taste, even if it's bad.

Now, read the Photo Details page for what you need to do...

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How do you spell love? M-o-n-e-y...

Sorry - we still can't afford to pay for photos. Think of it as fun and experience since you still get all the credit.