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Writer's Guidelines
Number one, sadly, is that we can't pay you. We've done this for a living for years on end, and that's an absolute bummer to have to say, so let's say it loud out front.

The good news is that relieves us of the stress of spending money on something perhaps not of a "professional" quality but with value. We don't care if you ar 9 or 90; male, female, or something inbetween; drunk or sober; bodysurfer or shortboarder.
Split a vein and write us something!

Subject matter is wide open, although we would prefer work which remains somewhat tied to the established subject catagories (any type of wave riding or something which transpired in relation to "the life").

All work is submitted for consideration for publication. reserves the right to edit all material! We don't want to do anything without giving you a chance to rework it first, should rework be deemed necessary, so be sure to keep a copy of anything you send and make sure you include your address and email address if possible.

Submission of material is considered your authorization for to publish the work. We retain reprint/reuse rights but you retain all other rights.

Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want your work returned! is not responsible for unsolicited submissions.

Now, since you've read all that, please read the photo guidelines...we are not like the print magazines!
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Photo Guidelines
Updated June 16, 2005