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We come to you from Beyond The Orange Curtain, well away from the commercial center of U.S. surfing and the heart of the industry feeding frenzy for your dollars. However, if there is one thing we know for sure it's this: the surf magazines and surf-related companies are big business and run by professional people who are definitely "industry insiders". This isn't a bad thing, either, but when huge money is involved a lot of freedom and joy can be lost. That is just how it goes.
exists to provide an alternative to the inevitable regimentation of the surfing would by large business interests. It's nice Quiksilver has their own boat and crew wandering the tropics, but it doesn't do the 40 year old family man with two weeks of vacation a year any good at all, nor does it really impact a 14 year old kid on the Florida Gulf Coast after a long, flat summer. We don't begrudge Quiksilver honchos that excellent perk, but it is irrelevent to the Rest Of Us. We do appreciate their  travel division as a nice gesture though.
thinks one of the saddest things in surfing is the way the older surfers, the less skilled, or the people who just don't have 7 days a week to sit on the beach get pushed out inadvertantly. Knowledge gets lost and the responsibilities turned over to business interests or the latest generation who are themselves just rediscovering the wheel, so to speak. Sometimes it seems like a new learning curve starts every seven years, and that's insane. Sometimes the surfing world seems less of a tribe than a series of street gangs.

We are at a time when a surfboard of a certain type is derisively labeled a "fun board", as if the whole concept of "fun" is something uncool and useless
is here as an open clubhouse for the entire surfing world. We don't mind how you ride waves, or where, or why, or how often, where you live, or what you do for a living. Tell us about it! Write us a story, recount some adventure, a bus trip to South Padre Island, a car trip to Hatteras, camping in Orange County or the mountains. Send photos.

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