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Length = 55.5 inches
Width = 23.75 inches
Nose = 20.5 inches
Tail = 19.75 inches
True Tail = 12 inches at very end

Weight = 20 lbs

Material = Baltic Birch
"I built up rails by gluing multiple layers around edges and then grinding down. Fairly thin in the back. Carved out deck area as thin as I felt comfortable doing without grinding through. Epoxied in fin boxes. Deck pad is neoprene.

I have ridden with 5.25 inch twin fins: nice.  Greenough 9 inch 4A fin: fun.  Greg Liddle 9 inch flex fin:  real fun.

Ride is fine. Once it picks up speed it cruises nicely. Takeoff is strange, kind of float on top of board, kick into wave, as it takes off you hop on and away you go. Very comfortable ride.

The only problem I have had is some stress cracks in the outside rail area. It appears where I have grinded down the layers of birch to blend them. I have patched with epoxy and seems to be holding. I did not glass the rails and this might be another solution. The board did not come out as flexible as I thought it would.

I would like to build another one with the same shape. It would be awesome to attempt to build out of Balsa wood. It would also be really great to see Paul Jensen build a hollow version. I think he could get a really nice shape out of it. If I do not build out of Balsa, I have considered the possibility of placing a sheet of thin plastic (maybe 1/8") between two sheets of 3/8" Baltic Birch and grinding down until I reach the plastic in the center bowl of the deck area. I believe this would give a lot more flex. I would probably keep it as a single fin and not bother with the two side fins again.

It took a fair amount of time and tons of sanding. I am really satisfied with the ride. I can only imagine what it would be like to have a real Velo. I can really appreciate what George Greenough designed when he created the Spoon/Velo."

-Roger Wayland
Copyright (C) 2003.  All rights reserved.

Photos and article (C) Roger Wayland.