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The idea for the Tubes Paipo came from the Tubes Handboard I built a few months back. I initally wanted to see if I could use the force of the water going through the tubes to steer the handboard. It worked pretty good. the handboard also seemed to want to ride a little higher out of the water.

I took my regular Paipo design and attempted to make a Hydro utilizing the tubes concept. The thought being the rapid flow of water through the tube would lift the Paipo up and make it ride on the bottom of the tubes.

My shoulder was torn up so the initial test run of the Tubes paipo was performed by my waterman neighbor Alex Crenshaw. His initial rides were very smooth and appeared fast. The more waves Alex caught the smoother the rides became. As Alex came in after the first trial runs he said that he had never ridden anything that felt like the Hydro. The Paipo felt like it was floating, a very strange and cool sensation. He also mentioned that there was some very strange gurgle or whooshing sounds coming from the tubes as the water was rushing through them.

Alex's explanation of the floating sensation is similar to what I have experienced riding some of my other hydro paipo designs. It is like riding on marshmallows, very cushioned and smooth. Kind of eerie at first but very pleasant the longer you ride them.

- Roger Wayland

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