Rejoice at the ides of June, traditionally the start of summer in my world. This is a very personal choice for me, rife with history, a general combination of my birthday and the end of the North American public school year... frequently on the same day. All that and cake too...who could blame a fellow for relating all that action to the official beginning of summer?

By mid-June in California the worst bite of cold water is past. The ocean may not be 60 degrees yet, but the ache from springtime windswept upwelling is long gone. I don't know what the current call is, but it used to be that L.A. County lifeguards couldn't wear wetsuits until the water went down to 57 degrees. For some of us that figure was used as a bellweather. 58-62 was less than a full suit, and above 64 degrees was vest only, if that. Like most things technology has come along to make amazingly protective products to administer comfort. I'm not kicking.
Most of California is temperate, certainly the coast. Get much above Zuma Beach and you won't see hordes of girls in bikinis. It's just a different scene, different climate. This confuses visitors. Usually they are already aghast at the size and speed of everything urban in California, especially in Southern California. Think of it like this: a small-college football player gets thrown into the NFL at gametime on opening day. One must survive long enough to recalibrate.

This is a calibration period for surfers, too. North American summer is just showing. The slate is clean, it's a new beginning for us all. There is baggage to be sure, but summer days have a way of allowing us to cut some of it loose, if only for a while. Take advantage of it; enjoy it.

Things have changed in the internet world since started several years ago, especially with the advent of online forums. Virtually everybody has the opportunity to communicate with words or pictures instantly. This leaves websites such as this one somewhat adrift. For the time being is going to float somewhere between 'zine and blog. The contribition guidelines are going to change, and a lot of the old amterial is going to fade away.

If I had to "thumbnail" it I'd say I'm going for something like a dirtbag beach club feel.

Why not? It's summer...

Nels Norene
Publisher and Editor
June 15, 2005
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