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Wherein the one begins walking away from the Old World into the New...
The Old Site
2000-Fall 2004
The New Site
The Old Site is now The Archives, an ongoing project which will be streamlined and tweaked to prevent cyber cave-seepage, pruned to save space, and edited to either update some subjects or make others vanish. The first years were a lot of fun, a lot of challenges, and saw a lot of change in the surfing world and cyberspace.

The heady heyday of the internet now seems like a distant memory.  Broad surfing websites got smoked, in my opinion, by small personal websites which give the kind of intimate glimpses into local areas and the lives of many people who have much to offer but no widely distributed channels to share their observations and experiences.  Spam is an annoyance, but the recent rapid explosion of adware, malware, and various other intrusive internet flotsam is a real threat to the web in general and to the viability of these small sites as well. Couple that with a surf world gone mad, in the throes of change so massive that the future is truly unknowable at this moment, what we get is an unstable period which may well be the stewpot of the next surfing revolution.

You heard it here first: The SECOND REVOLUTION is coming. It won't be about the equipment. It won't be about physical wave riding.
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