It's about life - not "lifestyle"
Neumatic Surfcraft
Can you see a difference between the surfcraft in the photo on the left and the one  below?
Yes, that's right. The mats on the left come in colors which allow an almost unheard-of matching of swimwear and graphics. The price is probably right, too, allowing purchase of even more swimwear. After all, that's what it's all about, right? Belonging? Buying into "the tribe"? Being core? Blasting the waves?

In some places, if there is a buck to be made, they'll sell it. In other places, far from the  Orange County mentality, things are crafted for reasons Wall Street could never comprehend. These people may still make a buck, but usually not much more than that - literally. Some of them may be seeing things the rest of the consumer world haven't dreamed of yet.

These photos are almost a vision of the surfing world in miniature, albeit represented by the ultimate in soft surfing equipment. I can hear the squeals of "soft board, soft dick" already, and the rebuttal is poised... "short, skinny, narrow, thin and fragile". How did things get this way, and why? Can't we all just get along? Will Winter ever end?
Surf Mats
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