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Some Netscape users are reporting layout problems on

While we are working on a solution to this, we would like to tell you why we have gone with Microsoft Internet Explorer as the primary browser we create for.

Although the graphics design, film, television, education, and publishing industries are Mac bastions and also prime stomping grounds for the various Netscape products, most of the business world and much of the home pc market exist in the Microsoft grasp. We won't get into the pros and cons of all this - entire newsgroups are devoted to it - but what we  want is the widest viewability available to all regardless of interests, occupations, age, and incomes.

As part of this we are attempting to create this site in such a way that browsers and systems of any age can access our pages. We also want to keep it realitively inexpensive to produce and want to keep it somewhat "handmade", a personal endeavour rather than just another corporate orifice.

We understand the frustration IT "professionals" have when they see something not 100% perfect and appreciate your feedback . Right now, rather than have a website that may look bent on all browsers, we are going with the largest statistics and developing to IE.

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