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This is the first women-in-surfing article to post on, so we decided to give it "both barrels" of the mental shotgun. Read the whole thing - it isn't that long - and it's for men and women.

The exploding population of women surfers in recent years is perhaps the most visible result of the massive increase in the number of surfers in general. The new sub-culture which is springing up around women's surfing, with its strong "industry" backing, specialty magazines, and secular (non-surf) interest gives voice to a very different mind-set than the surfing "norm". At this point it is one of a more enthusiastic group vibe than that of the traditional loner type. The woman surfer archtype is also quite defensive - male surfers are regularly portrayed as sexist and actively anti-female., home to all wayward waveriding souls, would like to offer up this absolutely overlooked nugget of wisdom to the ladies:

Get rid of the notion that women in the water are all constant victims of sexist discrimination.


The men with the offending attitudes are just as rude, and sometimes violently more so, to other males. It's always been that way, too.

I know, I know...somebody vibed you out or said something. That happens to everybody, though. It's always someting: too young; too old; board too long; board too short; too soft; too colorful; too white; wrong label; t-shirt not "core" enough; drives an SUV; drives a sedan; works; doesn't work; too much hair; not enough hair; hair incorrectly located for current demographic mainstream. Everybody gets vibed for some pointless reason sooner or later.

Ladies, don't accept the role of "victim".

You join the club when you join the crowd. Onward.

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