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" I make all my handboards to be two handers. I think that by using both hands it keeps our bodies in a more even hydrodynamic form, creating a faster ride.

You are correct in having a hard time classifying our "handboards." I guess we could call them mini paipos, or a handsboard...

My twin fin runs about 17 1/2 inches long and 16 1/2 inches wide at the tail. I have built some smaller ones that I sometimes use on  high tide shore break conditions.

I have tried cutouts for my hands, and also using a 3 inch nylon web. I have wanted to make a few with flat surgical tubing creating a kinf of X pattern on the top of the board to slide my hands under. I have not yet found the exact tubing material I am looking for.

Anyway, the great thing about handboards is you can really build them today and ride them tomorrow. A real way to experiment with design and not have a lot of money tied up. I really wanted to try the bell shaped Paipo design but was not sure how it would work. I made up a handboard in the new shape and rode it to great satisfaction. From that I built the big paipo.

Who needs a hydro tank for design; we have real waves to tell us what works or not..."

-Roger Wayland
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