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"I have never been good at drawing things. I can draw designs for boards but that is about it. I really enjoy colors. I bought an airbrush a year or so ago and through this found out about acrylic airbrush paints. Beautiful colors, pearls, irridescence, all kinds of great things.

Anyway, I usually apply a base coat to my boards. Sometimes use a latex enamel (burple color) brush on, sometimes black spray paint, or sometimes airbrush the predominant color I am going to go with. I will then sometimes put a coat of polyurethane on after the base coat. I then start layering colors. I sometimes spray via airbrush, or a lot of times I use irridescence, or pearls, applying with the throwaway water color kid brushes. Oftentimes as you put various colors on you will almost get a 3D or aquarium effect. I sometimes will put a few colors on, put a coat of poly on, add some more colors, and finish up with a couple final coats of poly. I found a really good grey/black pearl color that I have been using for the fins; comes out kind of like a dolphin skin color.

I really enjoy working with the colors. Maybe just a frustrated "artist" that is using the handboards and Paipos as my "canvas". Not expensive to do, I find the time spent very relaxing, and in the water often times a very cool and colorful tool to ride."

- Roger Wayland
From Roger Wayland
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Words and photos (C) Roger Wayland.