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June 25, 2002.

Manny Vargas appears to have given notice of plans to leave the editor job at Bodyboarding Magazine, effective sometime in July. Australian Rick Bannister has been named as interim editor until a permanent replacement is named later this year.

The email box was about as alive as it gets from the bodyboarding community with this news, plus some fun speculation about Vargas' motivation. has given Bodyboarding some pretty hard shots in reviews, and probably most have them have come since Vargas has been editor. I would like to point out that this is a function of overlapping publishing eras and not anything personal against Vargas - if you go back and read the reviews you will see has always said Vargas should be a good choice.

We have, however, said that we don't feel we are seeing his personality come through in the content. Running a magazine, like running a website, can have very thankless moments. It can also be a real grind. Many factors are totally beyond the control of an editor, and it probably doesn't help that the entire standup surfing culture dumps on bodyboarding as well.

While we don't know the reasons for his departure, we do hope he stays involved in bodyboarding and is able to kick the fun element back in gear. The sport needs him far more than he needs it.

Nels Norene

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