It's about life - not "lifestyle"
Two guys, two boards, camera gear, and everything else they thought they would need for an extended trip to The Valley Obscured By Clouds. A weekend in a deluxe seaside hotel in Cabo? Hardly.Try a year or longer in Africa or Central America.
A view from the tent. Once upon a time this was the cover of SURFER magazine. Older surfers may remember the smell of canvas or nylon heating in the afternoon sun, or the sound of fabric whipping in the wind.  Certain pro surfers today might wonder where the a/c, refrigerator, and fax machines are (always in the back of the tent).
A young Craig Peterson (left) and the combined weight of the world: kneeboard, camera gear, and framed backpack. The pack wasn't just for walking between cars and jets.

A wave (right), somewhere, someplace. Still out there...
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