It's about life - not "lifestyle"
It starts simply, with a desire to do thing differently.
It involves ideas, research, a blank "canvas", and a willingness to work. And that's just to get started. Once work has begun you find yourself just deciding things on the fly rather than getting bogged down by options. The less you spend, the more fun it is.
Eventually you have something to show for your efforts. Surprises are half the fun once things get going with their own momentum. How come the best tomatos came from seed which didn't get cooked in last year's compost pile? What the hell is that? How did the melon seeds turn into pumpkins? For every question there are answers, unlike so much of modern society and the workplace.
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SUSTAINABILITY is a section of which may not at first seem like it belongs. It isn't about riding waves in any way, shape, or form. But surfing is a complicated thing, really, despite what the marketing types want you to think. The longer you surf, the older you get; the older you get, the more constraints on your time you find. It's very easy to find yourself trying to live a couple of full-time lives at the same time. Everybody does that to some degree, just between their home and work lives, but few have the burdens of surfers who have to make time to catch waves when they are there.

Surfers spend their lives battling the clock. The simplest way to get around this obstacle is to buy convenience, which so happens to be the worst way in the world to live both for the individual, the family, society, and the environment.  SUSTAINABILITY is about how many of us try to work our lives out so we don't lose sight of our humanity.
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