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I know, I know...there have probably already been two issues since this one came out. What can I say? First I misplaced my copy of this one, and then it took me a while to find out which issue they call it (volume number and issue), and then once I did that I started having second thoughts about the importance of that anyway, other than perhaps for magazine collectors.

And folks, they aren't collecting these magazines.

This is the issue with the "Should You Go?" cover blurb and the feature story on travel in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks on U.S. targets. This is a subject which really needs to be examined, especially in the wake of the cancellation of the world tour European leg. I for one had kept abreast of the situation as applied to the surfing world as best I could through media outlets and websites, and I was looking forward to someone "making book" on it.

What I got here, however, was in effect a replay of the online editorial articles in one big print article format. If you religiously check the Surfline site, as I do, then you had seen most of the word content already. What this magazine issue has that the online counterparts didn't is a vastly expanded and (of course) clearer array of photos. It seems they had several boat/plane "editorial trips" underway and turned out the photos reaped over the "Should You Go?" thing - sparing us, I suppose, yet another bile-inducing soiled hankerchief of boatie whining.

Beyond that it had some reviews, some letter, a picture of a hot chick or two, and ADS ADS ADS. I was bummed a bit when I found the latest Donovan Frankenreiter fashion shoot - I already had all those gloves, hats, scarves and sweaters and I had to put them back in the closet so the local crew won't accuse me of being tragically hip and pining for the 70's.

So: fairly good if you don't check Surfline. If you do check Surfline, then what you have different here are the photos. Worth $4.00? Up to you.

Posted January 23, 2002
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