It's about life - not "lifestyle"
Yes, you read the ad right...there used to be a head shop right there in the International Marketplace, in the heart of Waikiki. You could stock up on your "lifestyle needs" of the era and then pop in to catch Don Ho at Duke Kahanamoku's night club.

Papers, pipes, and roach clips have all been classified as "paraphernalia" since then, and their sale is regulated to the point of being forbidden. Tommy Chong, of the groundbreaking comedy duo "Cheech and Chong", is facing or perhaps serving jail time for being associated with an internet business which sells bongs and other weapons of mass destruction. Too bad he didn't go with Cheech and make crappy television shows to entertain the zombies at home.
Check the prices and multiply by 1973...back then the merchandise probably was hand-embroidered in Mexico. Today a similar item would be much more expensive to purchase, and cheaper for the manufacturer to get in bulk from Asian sweatshops. But if it looks the same, what difference should it make?

Maybe none at all. In 1973 Hawaii really was still the crossroads of the Pacific, nearly an outpost of Asia. The Japanese were buying up Waikiki while the locals blamed California, the head of the Mainland Boogyman. There was still a couple more years of the Vietnam economic boost, but change was in the air.

The girl in the photo is now probably old enough to join AARP. Live it now.
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