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What you see above are the bottoms of some triplane bodyboards designed and crafted by Dale Solomonson. Compared to the bodyboards of 205 these look like spaceships. Dale was riding them 25 years ago. He now builds custom surf mats for surfers the world over.
Roger Wayland has a real job and a real life. He also has a lot of energy and is willing to share. Along with regular boards and flat and finned paipos he likes to experiment with hydrofoils. The top three photos are of the undersides of a few projects.  The red board below is an "eyeball" replica of Velo, inspired after viewing the original at a Greenough exhibition in Huntington Beach. 

All of these boards shown are made out of
plywood. The tubes are pvc, and the fins and boxes on the Velo replica are standard. The cost of all of them put together is a fraction of the cost of a half-assed bodyboard.
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