I get a little cranky every now and then. I'm not a kid any more. You know how you read that businesses don't want to hire people over 50? How they like to get rid of "older" workers? I think that has a lot to do with people being experienced in life. Certainly a person who is 40 or 50 hears the clock ticking much louder than someone of 20 or 30. That almost automatically prioritizes things. If a boss gives pointless projects or unethical orders an oldre worker is much more likely to stand his or her ground. Older workers generally have much more to lose, too, as they have less time for starting over .

The above photo came from the movie "They Live", a classic John Carpenter low budget thriller. Low on cash, high on concept.
Pacific Coast Highway drive by...
This image was sent to me shortly after the passing of writer Ken Kesey. In it he is standing in front of the launch vehicle of "The 60's".

Kesey was a real poster boy for challenging authority. "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" is a classic. Times were different then. These days you can tell the counter culture by the brand name apparel they wear.
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