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I admit that I abandoned this hopeless Southern California  summer of 2001 for a week to have a  chance to see the sun and feel some heat. It isn't like the surf was good. It isn't like the surf was mediocre. It isn't like the water was warm or the cold crappy surf was uncrowded.

This summer in my part of California has been horrible for the beach, and not unlike those long (albeit) hot waveless summers Florida can have. As the weeks tick by things can get tense, strange, and edgy...but what put me in a road trip state of mind out here this summer were the bizzarre shark attack reports from the Daytona Beach area.

As August 2001 ends pretty much everybody with a television or who gets a newspaper has heard of the frequent shark attacks taking place in Atlantic Florida, especially in the New Symrna and Daytona areas. Almost all are on surfers, which makes some sense initally.

The weird part here is that the surfers down there keep going out. I mean, two foot waves are a lot better than no waves at all, and I would think there are at least some people with brains enough to stay out for a few days until the sea life moves on, which might keep the crowds down, but what I was seeing and hearing on the news were kids who seem to think they were immune to getting whacked by animals.

The crowning story was the Daytona report from the day when three surfers were bitten. According to the Los Angeles Times report "witnesses said
so many sharks had congregated that surfers had to jump over them to reach the waves. "

Madness, madness. Or stupidity. Surfers have finally come up with something to lower the bar under fictional surf legend Jeff Spicoli.

Sometimes I think there is just too much pressure at sea level. When I get on one of those jags I pack the car and head for the hills; the higher, the better. Fortunately I have something between my ears; I'm thinking those Florida boys jumping over sharks to get into some two foot slop are probably airheads; drop them off at the 7000' level and the air would expand and their heads would explode like cheap special effects.
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