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There have been a couple of strange rumblings in the bodyboard world lately. Basically, bodyboarding seems dead as a doornail as Winter 2002 creeps on. The classified ads in the newspapers don't see many people selling boards and wetsuits this winter, but the lack of that type of ad has been offset by ads offering bodyboards, fins, and wetsuits all in one lump. The energy is gone from this segment of waveriding and only time will tell if it comes back.

I was wandering around cyberspace last night, catching up on the "majors" like Channel Islands and
Rusty, when for no real reason I hit the FAQ button at the Rusty site. I was rewarded with one obscure little bit, which I'll reprint here completely (bold print is mine for emphasis). It would be worth checking in on the site to see what comes of it.


If you made a bodyboard
out of fiberglass would it be faster and or more bouyant than the ones of foam?"

Coming soon..."
The other interesting thing which I came across, with no website to explore, was the following reference on a Ventura County surfing-related website

Institute For time Compression Studies

Experimental body boards, Applied aircraft bottom configurations, really interesting stuff.

Ray Maloney
(805) 658-7921 hasn't checked into this yet, but it's interesting that surfers out there beyond the media are conjuring up things.
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