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Privacy Policy does not use information from visitors for commercial purposes.

In theory this appears to have been the primary design of some of the failed surf-related mega-websites. Sale of data collected is an honored way of aquiring revenue in this age. Honored by the usual suspects...

If wants to know something specific about you, we'll ask. We might print results of a survey on the website, and we might make the results available to our advertisers in the same manner, but we will not collect and make available any personal data outside this business.  Addresses, email and telephone contact information which may come our way will be kept here and never turned over to outside interests for commercial purposes.

If a viewer has questions we will try to provide proper contacts for the viewer to pursue. If, for some reason, the need arises from the viewer end for to act as a middleman, we will not release viewer contact info without permission.

In this day the average consumer, citizen or surfer alike, is the most manipulated, herded, targeted animal on the face of the earth. True, most companies won't actually send us to the slaughterhouse like beasts...but we suspect that is just because there isn't any money in it. Rest easy in this realm.
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