If very distant memory serves me, this was taken at Sea World. I could be wrong - after all that time I should be wrong- but I seem to recall some Japanese gong pavillion, and that's the image I got when I saw this Hawaiian Paipo ad. The information which accompanied this shot identified the gent wearing t-shirt "N.1" as being Rick Newcombe, and the board he's holding does look like a more refined paipo than the standard Al Hertz Enterprises fare, perhaps a precursor to the Newport Paipo Newcombe model.

Talk about simplicity. A t-shirt, a towel, and a paipo. A good pair of trunks. Maybe a windbreaker or a sweatshirt for afternoon winds or evening. Such a contrast to the high tech era we currently live in. It isn't so much the era people look back and wish for, as it is the lack of clutter. Equipment has improved in ways the people in this photo couldn't have dreamed of, and certainly there is no reason to ignore improvements, but all that knowledge sometimes weighs us down. What is considered "essential" now is equal parts improvement and burden.
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