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photo debris from January 2002 swells
It's somewhat better than it looks, although if you know this place what you're seeing may be hard to believe.

Waves like this, plus high tides, blast onto the nearby Old Road.
I wasn't taking pictures of the road on this morning, but enough people wrote in to send me back to the archives. This happens every January and February when the biggest surf combines with the highest astronomical tides. The surge usually crosses the road at this point.

The amazing thing about this is that this quiet, two-lane road was still the only coast road north of Ventura 30 years ago
The pier was closed on this morning as a precaution. The surf was so big and conditions such that I couldn't see anybody out at the nearby prime break. It was understandable. Then every half hour or so a tiny dark figure would appear out of the spray, dwarfed by the whitewater, and would ride into the beach.
If you know where this shot was taken, you know how high the drop is to get to the sand. Figure the waves and surge had to be above the jetty in the background. Whitewater is breaking beyond the jetty. No takers this day.
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