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It seemed like a good idea at the time...just like opening the second bottle of tequila, or eating one thin wafer...
just ran through two new interns in less than a week. How low can things go?

Thanks to someone who identified himself as Charlie,
Karla decided to skip the fun. His email, one of the first to arrive, didn't have any questions or comments which were beach related. His offer to "Sharon Tate" Karla seemed heartfelt enough, however, so with reluctance we must say goodbye to her. And Charlie, keep checking your email, pal...

Staff intern
Leslie is leaving as well. She had problems with Karla getting her own column, and maybe there was some validity there, but it turns out she really had problems with not having a section for women surfers.

It is my opinion that if you surf, you're a surfer.

All this separation by age, gender, equipment, and location is Balkanizing the sport. Look at the Balkan countries - they're a freaking mess.

When and if we have things of specific interest to women who surf, we'll put them up. One way to see more gender specific content is to create it and send it to us. But we would like to think we sell a bit of community - maybe even unity - and pandering to any group really goes against what we think is the best interest of surfing in general.

Today is the first full day of Spring, a time of renewal. It's time to clean house, plant a garden, and start prepping for summer. It's time to clear the tables, decks, and head and go forward.

Nels Norene
Chief Cook and Bottle Drainer

MARCH 21, 2002
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