It's about life - not "lifestyle"
STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING, or so they say. The news is all bad. Little girls murdered and helicopters are shot from the sky. An election takes place in California, and the sitting Governor from one major political party spends $10 million dollars on ads attacking one of 2 mjaor candidates from the other party, even though it's a primary election and they aren't actually running against each other. The majority of the ads don't even concern a State issue. Nobody seems to notice.

IT'S CRAZY OUT THERE! Amen. And it's crazy in here too! has recently moved headquarters, suffered a myriad of equipment maladies, and faces the end of Year One with a much different look, at least here in the executive offices.

WHY THE .COM IN VAGABONDSURF.COM? It has been pointed out to me that we don't sell anything, so we don't really need the "DotCom" stigma. But that really is the point. All those people who went into the internet content business and lost their way. So much glee when DotComs failed. DotCom = DotCommies, as one friend likes to say, and burn them all! Whatever, we say. We'll take our chances. We've been around long enough to give ourselves a pat on the back and maybe an anniversary party. The guest list has grown short on employees, but would be bright, vibrant, a bit off color, and a lot of fun if we could invite all the readers. And yes, it's true - Intern Candy will be gone by the end of March. I'm only keeping her until she finds the manual for the phone system.

SO WHICH BOX IS IT IN? You may have noticed a slowdown on new content this week, and this may or may not continue for a couple more days. Spring cleaning time, plus boxes need to be unpacked and junk sorted. What was once an orderly system - that pile on the floor is this, that one is that, no that's trash, yes it all looks it's all in boxes and I can't find a damn thing and functioning is harder than usual, and the news is all crazy and rain is coming and sometimes you just have to wonder how you ever find time to do anything.

REST ASSURED. New articles are coming. Changes are being made. Mutation is constant; or is it growth? What is the difference? Isn't growth just as strange as mutation? And hey surfers, dare to be different! Wear your Hurley t-shirts anyway! $70 million a year in sales wasn't small business in the first place.

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