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"Hi Nels,

I'm a buddy of Rod Rodgers, and I live in San Diego. I'm finally going to do my website for paipos, bellyboards, surf mats, and other alternative prone riding craft. It's a club I call the
League of Lamaroos.

I've taken the liberty of appointing myself the Grand Poobah. The aim is to get people together to share their boards and ideas at paloozas at various beaches throughout the year. Membership is actually for the boards, not the people who own and manage the boards. It won't cost a paipo board manager anything to have his [and presumably her .Ed] board join the League of Lamaroos. Just a willingness on your part to share your board (s) on special occasions, and allowing me to list your name as manager and where (town, city or county) the board currently resides.

One final requirement is that the board have a name. Either formal or nickname. A human name or abstract. It is a club for the boards after all. Lots of photos aren't a problem.
The website will also feature a section for the "Mothball Fleet". Those are prone boards that aren't ridden, because they are wallhangers, Ebay sluts and museum pieces, but show up at paloozas so they can be appreciated for their show and tell value.

The main focus of the League is to track the current activity of prone riding, promote camraderie, and the sharing of boards and design concepts.  Manager e-mail addresses won't be shown on the website (unless you really insist). Inquiries will have to be routed through me, the Grand Poobah of the League of Lamaroos.


Larry O'Brien."
Editor note: The biggest hangup I had with this was "naming boards". I've never done this. The whole notion seems undignified in many ways, juvenile, uncool. Very "un-covershotish", if you get the drift.

I love it. Here is an opportunity to step away from the herd if you haven't already done so, and as it develops I would expect have a very good time.
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