It's about life - not "lifestyle"
What's that, you say? The surf was big, the surf was good, but there was no damage to Southern California as far as you heard?

Guess again, friend. This is the sight I came home to Thursday, August 1, 2002. It was one week to the day that the first waves from Hurricane Douglas began to really hit northern Los Angeles County, closely followed by a swell from Hurricane Elida. To my memory this has been the best run of South Swell since that memorable summer of 1997. Even the water warmed up, and has stayed warm. An outstanding experience.

But at what cost? To take full advantage of it requires a bit of dedication, and at a certain stage of life that dedication requires some major league irresponsibility. There is work to do out there, things to keep up, money to be made sometimes, and blowing it all off "until later" doesn't seem to get the job done
Things like doing the dishes and taking out the trash get left for later. When later comes you might find a reeking styrofoam container which once held sweet and sour pork, mixing noxious odors with the packing from the chicken breasts you got on sale last Monday and finally got on the BBQ last night. Even the dog won't go in the kitchen, but that may not just be the smell: when a stack of plates in the sink shifted last night she really got spooked.

The swell from Elida seems to be slowing this morning. I can't imagine asking for such a thing, but I need at least a few hours to catch up - the hurricane swell damage has been done.
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