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A new "tradition" started up here at after the original Webmaster split the scene (see "Who We Are" for more on that). The last person here on Friday has to write up the minutes of the staff meeting so the rest of the brain-damaged regulars will have some sort of memory pegs Monday morning.

So this time it's my turn. I'm out of the water and away from most physical activity for a while, due to a little HMO cutting work which needs time to heal. The rest of the crew had a variety of places to go and things to do, mostly claiming it was sewage-covered beach runs, so it was only fair that the Group Gimp do the dirty work. I'm all alone here in the office, so read it and weep.

A good part of the meeting was consumed with spirited discussion about a yellowing  newspaper ad for the movie "Erin Brockovich". This came out during the post-award season, and none of us remembered seeing it during the initial release.

The picture is of Julia Roberts, dressed in a nice (trashy) low-cut chick t-shirt, kneeling seductively in a drainage ditch, water sampling kit in hand. Her tight jeans are soaked up to the crotch, her hair gently blown back in the hot desert wind, and her mouth is slightly open. Breasts are featured prominently, for what that is worth with Julia Roberts...although all the ads have enhanced her appearance in that department.

The character is, no doubt, experiencing some form of satori. Julia Roberts could sell almost anything. It fairly reeks of dedication.

And it is absolutely beyond reason.

The whole movie is about polluted water. Water with deadly, cancer-causing amounts of a chemical pollutant. Erin Brockovich is a person who suspected, investigated, proved, and helped prosecute grossly negligent polluters, yet the movie ad people show her squatting up to her reproductive organs in the poisonous water!

No doubt the motion picture people Know What They Are Doing. They are paid, usually quite well I might ad, to sell the product. Yet dimwitted ads like this one are little more than gross insults to the people who buy the tickets. Might as well have her skinny-dipping...hmm, not a bad idea...give us a call, Hollywood.

Well, that's it for this week. God only knows what next week will bring...hope somebody took better notes than I did.


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