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APRIL 10, 2002
Mat maker Dale Solomonson has sent word that DOLPHIN GLIDE, the much-anticipated film project by George Greenough, is approximately 99% finished with post-production.

Having been subject to features in The Surfer's Journal and various internet sites, Greenough has described it simply enough as "what dolphins might see." While the concept sounds simple enough, making it happen has involved over 5 years of production, and, according to what he told Dale on April 9th, 24 hours of 35 mm film.

This has been edited down to about a 60 minute film, plus a 30 minute documentary about the making of Dolphin glide. The documentary is currently expected to be shown on television in the UK and Europe perhaps as soon as this coming May. It probably will appear in North America some time later on one of the more educational venues such as The Discovery Channel. The documentary, according to Greenough (via Dale), has some high speed mat surfing which ought to "create quite a stir about (performance-oriented) surf mats."

Given the intimate nature of the subject matter, Dale offered another thought,

"I can't help but think it will likely inspire curiosity about bodysurfing... a very good thing," he wrote.

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