It's about life - not "lifestyle"
Gary Condit
Somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind I have a memory or the notion that the Bible has an admonition against "having congress with animals".

While that, in the original context, seems obvious to many modern people, the phrase "congress with animals" seems appropriate to apply to the U.S. Congress. California Representative Gary Condit is perhaps the best poster boy for this since a younger Ted Kennedy ran socially amok.

There isn't much that can shock a Californian these days, and certainly the possibility that an elected official routinely romps with women younger than his own children isn't new or novel. What makes Condit such a shining example of the New Politician is his balls out disregard for anything other than his now-defunct political career. He has flaunted law enforcement and constituents alike and appears to have less regard for the life and welfare of a former employee/romantic interest than for his chances to someday be Governor of California.

Face it - if anybody other than a senator or congressman had flat out misled police in two interviews during a formal investigation into the mysterious vanishing of someone, they would be thrown in jail on the spot.Anyone behaving in the way Condit has would have to be considered a prime suspect in some sort of foul play - at least if the situation wasn't happening in Washington D.C.

About all one can hope for in this sorry mess is that the missing intern will turn up alive.It would be nice to find out that her former employer truly is not involved in anything criminal here, but that wouldn't excuse his deplorable conduct. Gary Condit can forget about having a political future; we can only hope when he resigns that he isn't given a job administering the congressional intern program.
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