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AUGUST 22, 2002
The Big Boss left another message on my machine, this one with less levity and too much reality. I've been busy lately, so much so that when I read the Los Angeles Times Wednesday sports section and found out that I missed some magazine with near-naked photos of LeeAnn Tweeden, well, I realized I've been moving too fast. It's been since the end of July since I've had a chance to put words down, and now they are needed, so here we go.

I'm in charge around here for a few days, and by God things are gonna change. While Nels has told me he intends to do a review of "Blue Crush", he doesn't know when he's going to have a chance to actually see the movie. I guess he tried to get a female job applicant to write a review, but got no response. I know he has been kind of vibing on the whole "Blue Crush" thing most of the summer. But there is nothing saying I can't review that chick flick, too, even if he does it.

That's the benefit of having your own column. You can do anything. I'm really tempted to post this hysterical photoshopped version of the cover of a recent SURFER magazine, totally ripped apart by some demented bodyboarder. The guy is brilliant, twisted, and with a great sense of humor. We ought to hire the guy, if he works cheap. But then the lawyers would be on my case aain, and I'm barely out of hock to them now.

I guess the big news is Hurricane Fausto, which is hot off Mexico somewhere and getting ready to pump some Southage into the West Coast of the U.S. and Canada, eh? Any Canadians out there? Looks like Doug Flutie is going to be available again next year, or maybe even by the time you guys have the Grey Cup. I was in San Diego a couple of weeks ago when Flutie was still The Man for the Chargers, but things change. Can anybody tell me why there are so many horrible car wrecks along Pendleton?

Okay, I'm drifting here, and I admit it. It's actually late on the 21st when I started this, and I gotta get up and go to work soon. The weather is odd and cold and Nels said the Poinsetta in his yard is starting to show red leaves - this shouldn't happen until November if I recall my Ventura County heritage. Does that mean the weather has been so cold and damp the plants think it's almost winter?

Crazy, crazy. And one column down. I'll hit the photo archives and see what entertaining stuff I can come up with, especially after work when the wine bottles call my name.
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