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JUNE 25, 2002
Al Kida
Yes, I've been bad. I've ignored my duties, shunned my officemates, wasted brain cells on beer and computer games, bonded with my roomies, run up huge phone and legal bills to no good result,and generally have blown off a couple of weeks of June in Southern California. I even resorted to doing temp work to get a few bucks.

But all that is behind me now. Well, not really. But I am wasting valuable electricity and putting words to screen.

LeeAnn Tweeden: The certified Lust Queen of the snakepit I'm renting a room in has appeared, as if by magic, on Fox Sports. She hosts a little segment, if you could call anything about her little, on "The Best Damn Sports Show". The demented facial gyrations seen on
piratenet are, thankfully, not in evidence. Everything else appears intact, although more covered with clothes than we might like.

But this is current affairs, right? So what up with the world?

There is a Congressional investigation into the the 9/11 terrorist attacks, seemingly brought to you by the people who put out the paranoid government conspiricy theories, and also the News Media. It appears there is a lot of outrage amongst investigators because U.S. intelligence agencies intercepted enemy mesages on September 10, but they weren't translated until September 12. Let's review them, shall we?

"Tomorrow is zero day."

"The match begins tomorrow."

Now, why this has lawmakers outraged is a mystery. You really have to spend time back there to understand what motivates Congress. How they can even ask questions about something as vague as those statements is beyond me, and one of the reasons I chucked everything and moved back to the Wild West.

Look at the statements. Their meaning is obvious. A couple of terrorists, as yet unidentified, were
simply following the career of Anna Kornikova!

Okay, probably not, given what we know in retrospect. Hindsight is always 20/20, blah blah. But take a look at a globe, give it a spin, and see how big the world is. Then imagine trying to apply what those two intercepted sentences might mean to a specific time and location and building, somwhere on Planet Earth. Draw your own conclusions, but here are mine.

Any person or group who is outraged by the failure of the government to use those statements to prevent the 9/11 hijackings and subsequent attacks is either senile, stoned, or selling out their country for personal gain. No honest person could read those statements and believe that, had they been translated on September 10, they would have provided any useful information at all.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a liar or a fool (ripped that phrase off the Boss).

What "investigations" on this particular segment of the subject reveal is just who is a "kneejerk liberal", and nothing more. The time would be better spent finding out who the kneejerk conservatives are by investigating just why there isn't National healthcare.

A study of the events which led up to the 9/11 attacks is necessary. Hindsight really is 20/20, and studying events is how we learn. An "investigation", however, is more of a witch hunt. We don't need that, especially not now.
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