it's about life - not "lifestyle"
Advertising/Sponsorship welcomes sponsors. While focused on a wide variety of subjects both in and out of the ocean, we have as a partial base the large and growing group of people who ride waves for pleasure.  The huge numbers of people beyond the age of 24 are more active than ever, and few leave the beach these days. These are also the most frequent and avid users of the internet. We also provide an outlet or alternative for those not marching in step, the under 14 crowd, the women, and the more casual viewer. Very few media outlets acknowledge the "Invisible Ages" or "Invisible Groups", making a valuable primary contact point. And their numbers grow each year...

Numbers of "click-throughs" are turning out not to be as important as once thought in the online environment. It isn't our intention to provide high-volumes of  hits. Far better is for a specialty advertisor to receive fewer hits numerically but of a more solid nature. Think of us as a billboard with options. Of course, should a product or business be hot enough to the general audience, then we would expect the majority of our viewers to check it out. We are, after all, an active group.

Please contact us to discuss advertising or sponsorship.

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2005 Policy Update: Everything we said below still holds true. The big change around here is that we are running more like a combination blog and casual clubhouse.

Advertising/sponsorship is still welcome, but on a select level. It is insanely affordable for this day and age, but we will only accept it from entities which we think will really profit from their exposure here, and which we personally feel are decent, positive forces.